Some people deserve awards for being stupid


So yesterday I had a woman come through my line. I scan her various items, one of those items being a Newman’s Own frozen pizza. I total up her purchases and she spends a great deal of time looking through her damn coupons (I have a line of five or six people at this point and I’m anxious to get…

Take your eggs out of the damn basket


So someone finally got pissed at me for dumping their full basket after they left it on the belt for me to unpack.

[Side note: This is one of my biggest pet peeves as a cashier. Unpack your shit. It is not my job. My job is to quickly ring out your stuff, take your payment, bag your stuff and to…


today at work this hot guy walked in wearing one of those thin white tees that u can see their whole torso through and gOD THE THIRST WAS SO REAL


You know that whole “what would you do if a band member sat down next to you on a plane” I think I would blare his bands music in my headphones to see if he noticed